Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 5/4/2022


Will tomorrow show us a world we do not recognize?
That is going to be the reality to a world that words weaponize.

Without the care to step back from the brink.
And stopping those who live only to think.

We will forget that what makes us human is to care.

Because without the love … life could become too much to bear.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I appreciate when I have friends smarter than me. I appreciate when I have friends that are able to call me out if I am being ridiculous or locked in my own mindset.

Such souls have often walked a path with me for years and there is a deeper trust in their objectivity, mixed with a clear love and appreciation.

Such beings are easier to hear because we know they have our best interests at heart.

Egos want to be constantly right.

But authenticity requires us to be more vulnerable and to seek those with greater knowledge so that we can grow and learn.

I see a world that is being generated by those that sit alone behind a computer and think they are informed when they are lacking something key to finding wisdom.  
And that is experience!

When one learns without experience … that is only one level of growth. One needs to have one’s ideas and opinions tried in the “court of life.”

I see a world filled with opinions that are like puffs of air and ego. I see a world where such souls demand validation for insane and outlandish thoughts and beliefs.

Such a world becomes dangerous to a society. It topples structures and will do horrific things to prove one’s point.

We need education and we need even more people in our life that call us out on our “S**t”.

Only those that love us can turn us off a trajectory that is going to waste our time and energy.
Without such souls in our life, we can lose our way and become trapped in old habits of our genetic makeup or our own karmic journey.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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