Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 6/21/2022


Love it supposed to hold a light high for another.

Love does not bring with it expectation.

Love with expectation is attachment.

Love without expectation is compassion.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The last day on the lower Eel River was wonderful. There is nothing like swimming in an alive river that is still freely flowing and allowing the ocean and the land to calmly engage in the dance that they have been doing for millennia.

When we allow the natural flows to continue to exist and allow nature to find its own pathway, we learn something more valuable than the elements of control that the mind prefers, in its quest for superiority.
Instead, we learn peace, release, harmony with our world, and the healing that nature is constantly offering us … if we are willing to embrace those lessons of silence.
I needed a break from the world of technology. I needed a few days to break out of my cocoon. And now rested, rejuvenated, and cleansed, I am ready for what lies ahead.

I am a guest on this planet.

A temporary visitor.

I am learning to watch,

But not to be an inquisitor.
I am not here to judge.
Or question somethings worth.
I am here to witness
The many things so rare on this earth.

How much beauty … can a soul hold?

How many images can the eyes behold?

It is less about the volume of things in this life.

It is whether we understand those precious moments in the afterlife.
Many live … but rarely thrive.

Many struggle … just to survive.

But as a human we get a great gift.

One that was given to help us shift.

Out of the mind and back into the heart.

We are learning that this is only the start.

We are here to begin to understand that a greater force.

Is constantly guiding us along this new course.

We have so much more inside than we know.

The beauty we embrace is there to show.

If we can hold … more love than hate.

And that is the way to move past this worlds karmic gate.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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