Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 6/26/2022


Karma works a slow and steady path.

Through the mayhem, hurt, and wrath.

Karma knows that the human mind.

Loves to hate and be unkind.

Karma knows that opinions matter more.

And that the ego loves to settle the score.

Karma knows that this is his domain.

He permits those who want to cause suffering and pain.
That is because karma eats the essence of those souls.

Especially those who need to take the controls.

And those that need to have power over.
And continue to plan their hostile takeover.
Are his favorite flavor to taste and take in.

He feasts on those that have forsaken.

Forsaken truth and instead wallow in fear.

Forsaken wisdom for a cheap veneer.

Karma knows the game better than us.

He seeks out those who wave banners of disgust.
What we hate the most … is what we are.

We just cannot see it because our sight does not go very far.

We cannot control what will come next.

That is because many are now so angry and vexed.

~Suzanne Wagner~


We dance in a world where life will go on.

We breathe into the moments of our favorite song.
What seems so hard will be a memory and story soon.

We will learn what the majority needs and learn to commune.

But in the meantime, the insanity will remain.

And while things seem to be going down the drain.

Know that all you can control are your actions and choice.
Denial is an action that gives you no voice.

We cannot pretend and not discuss things in depth.

Fair laws do not come from the inept.

We can no longer hide our head in the sand.

Because they will steal us blind and make more unreasonable demands.

I am watching the unraveling of something great.

While those in power put democracy in a crate.

And store it away so that others will never again find.

What was so very special in this moment in time.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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