Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 6/29/2022


Those that are good … know about pain.

Those that are evil … move with disdain.

Those that care … often feel as if they can’t breathe.
Those that do not … hold the vendetta to deceive.

~Suzanne Wagner~


It is amazing how the times shift and change. Precious moments are lost with little consideration or care.

I am so glad I am the age I am.

I got to see an America … that those being born … many never see.

My America is being destroyed “piece by peace.”
And I used those words above intentionally.

There are those whose intention is to destroy the peace and tranquility of the American dream.

Those same people have taken sledgehammers to the foundation stones of our society and are continuously and consciously chipping away at the bedrock of freedom.

When we allow those to take what has always been ours.

We allow others to strike lethal blows … to much more than just laws.

There are types of evil in the world that hide in the dark places that some have labeled “good”.

They wait for such a time to destroy hope and the emotions that allow for innovation and growth.
Freedom can never be destroyed because it is our birthright inside our very core.

My will is all the freedom that I seek.
She is glorious, powerful, and never meek.
She allows others to make mistakes.

She understands the lessons and knows the stakes.

Freedom is right there if there is courage in the heart.

But now there are those who are afraid of their own dark.

The only real prison is in not knowing what we are worth.
We were born with freedom … right from birth.
But freedom requires that we reach out for others too.

Freedom asks us to do … what we know … we should do.
Freedom does not ask for permission.

Freedom does not expect others to understand or operate from attrition.
Freedom cannot be bestowed by a king.
Freedom is an arrow … in a bowstring.
Today that arrow points away from our own land.
Because the powerful and wealthy … want freedom banned.

So now I point my arrow towards a distant shore.
One that has the courage and is willing to fight and roar.

And while I inspire those for a future day.
I do not worry or have dismay.

That is because I hold freedom in my core.

And that is something that I can never ignore.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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