Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 7/2/2022


Wounds are a filter that color our understanding.
Wounds are the basis of our biases.

Wounds block and deflect other experiences.

Wounds are how we intend to never forget.

But wounds do not need to be forever.

Wounds were intended to teach and then be cast away in the healing process.

And the greatest learning is when we remember that while wounds are uniquely human, they are not who we really are within our soul.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I have tried and failed.

I prayed at times to no avail.

I have wished for things that appeared out of thin air.

I have walked away without a care.

I have listened to the music in my mind.

I have followed my heart and been patient and kind.

I have failed at most of my greatest dreams.

I have laughed at a life that looked like memes.

I would not miss a moment of this human walk.

I miss many of those to whom I have talked.

And now so many are on the other side.

I hear their words in my mind’s eye.
I bless the animals that have given me so much love.

I appreciate those who now walk above.

Soon I will be following their path.
And I will review this life’s aftermath.

I believe I will smile and laugh at the flow.

I know I will be proud to have come and go.

Through the dimensions of this time and space.

And I will remember fondly all these moments with grace.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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