July 21, 2022

Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 7/22/2022

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Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 7/22/2022


Peace has the greatest cost.

Minds have little value and get perpetually lost.

Peace is not found in knowledge accrued. 

Minds love to poke holes and are eternally rude. 

Within the silence … where peace is found. 

Is the emptiness that can hold one spellbound.

Peace weaves a thread of grace and grit.

Peace always knew when to quit. 

Humans seek outside what was always within.

Peace is the key to the door to what has forever … been.

~Suzanne Wagner~


In every moment … life dances with light.

Life will pull us into that choreography that it knows so well.

Light loves to surf the powerful waves of nature.

In total freedom, it matters not if one is taken by the shadow of life … which is death.

That is the cost for the opportunity to challenge oneself in the unpredictable patterns of living.

Everyone will lose at some point in this dimension. 

The light within will be surrendered to the goddess of nature … one day.

Often … willingly.

There is nothing like the feeling of fully embracing the cresting waves of life.

Lost in the timeless beauty of a precious moment.

Captivated by passions embrace.

Infinite … oneness … glimpsing form. 

Obsessive commitment.

Fascinated madness.

The lure to taste desire … once more.

We long to become the flame being savored by the watery abyss of life’s flow.

Drunk in each other’s essence … merged into a moment.

A willing prisoner of life’s dream.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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