August 14, 2022

Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 8/15/2022

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Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 8/15/2022


Suppression of sexuality will never heal this world.

It has never worked … nor will it ever help or heal what ails this planet.

We need to learn about the powerful passionate forces that exist within each of us.

Without that knowledge … we will continue to suppress others who are different.
Without such knowledge we will never become masters of the physical plane.

Without the understanding that allows growth and skill in the physical arenas, we will continue to manifest war and commit atrocities that will break down societies and destroy hope.

~Suzanne Wagner~


We are on the greatest adventure yet, in our soul’s journey to self-discovery through the cosmos.

I believe we have played may games in a huge variety of dimensions that overlap and co-exist in this wonderful and diverse universe.

I believe that each one is special, unique, and very different.

Some mistakenly believe that this is a place … that we as spiritual beings (or angelic beings) fell into.

But I think that is only a mirror of the duality that this world shows us and the simple fact that we do exist in a “multiverse”. We still have our higher self (or angelic self) but that most are caught in the density of the human condition and have lost touch with that angelic self because the dramas of the physical world unfold and captivate our attention for lifetimes. That is until we begin to awaken from the dream and remember that we have both a spiritual self and a human self. Our spiritual self is attempting to fully come into this human experience.

I believe that we have rarely been physical beings. Especially to this level of density. I believe that we have existed as beings of light and energy … traversing this shooting gallery of stars and solar systems seeking to experience and to merge with other forms and realities to expand and discover the amazing and unlimited potentials that are out there beyond our known concepts of space and time.

This level of expression is a great gift. We can experience limitation, linear time, a sensory filled world, see colors, taste food, smell flowers, and touch each other in ways that bring more love, inspire creativity, and inflame passions.

What I know is that one cannot completely control the complexity of the physical world. One cannot master this world when the mind comes from a state of denial or avoidance.

While I understand the need to learn mental and physical self-control. Denial that certain expressions exist in this passionate plane of existence is lunacy.

Denial that there is hate, polarizes us more and allows dark energy to become hidden, subversive, and trains it in self-sabotage.

Denial of sexuality in a world that completely creates itself and progresses through sexuality … is idiocy.
Denial that there are those that carry and use evil with conscious intent to steal energy, light, money, power, and confidence from others … makes us the blind victims of such darkness.

We are here to see with both eyes fully open. We are here to not avoid the great truths that is world operates within. We are to learn to work with the rules and laws of this dimension. It is the only way to learn to transcend the density and move all our energy into higher vibrations of consciousness.

No part of ourself can be left behind.

We are learning to love what we are, what we have been, and only then can we finally allow ourselves to become whole and step into the potential that is the unification of the energies within that are light and dark.

See this world through wholeness.

Allow the eyes to help the mind understand.
Know that completion requires integration.

Become that which is seeking to emerge.

Let go of expectations and exasperations.

Neither are real.

What is real is what is fully embraced by the soul.

What is not real is the limitations that the mind imposes on the spirit.

Let life show you the path.

Let hope inspire growth.

Let love heal what was wounded.

Let passion transform dreams into something of wonder.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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