The Gravestones of Ballet Dancers

The Gravestones of Ballet Dancers

I am so very grateful for the hours of time spent dancing in a studio to the graceful notes of a piano.
They say that times spent fishing are not a waste.
Nor are the endless moments spent dancing in ballet studios.
A part of each ballet dancer’s soul still lingers in such spaces. Our sweat is still on the floor. Our longing to become creatures of ancient fairy tales can still be tasted in the air. The music still whispers in the silence. And our ghosts still dance to the pounding passions of our dreams.

A ballet dancers gravestones are those hidden chambers of costumes laid out in rows in the warehouses, covered in plastic to protect the fabrics as they wait for another moment to dance or sitting silently in crates for their longevity.
Sometimes our name is still written and sewn in the back as the reminder that once we were there.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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