April 28, 2023

Dancing is … an Invitation to be Torn Open and Bewitched by the Goddess

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Dancing is … an Invitation to be Torn Open and Bewitched by the Goddess


Watching ballet is all about inspiration … as we are allowed into the depth of feelings carried by the souls on the stage.
Being in the audience allows us to discover feelings that have been lost or forgotten. It helps us reclaim those expressions that have been hidden and despised. And it shows us that those dreams are never forgotten when they are shared.
Dancing ballet is a feeling of delicious ecstasy and the taste of rapture through movement. When we dance ballet, we become one with the air we breathe. We are the air. We are an eternal inspiration. We are more than human.
Ballet taught me that the perfect moment is right now.
She showed me a window into the powers that exist beyond my own being by directing me to be more open and willing.
She taught me to embrace this body, these emotions, these flaws, these challenges, and these conflicts because they all … were beautiful.
She showed me how music could help me climb out of the suffering of this world by using its magical, musical stave. And in being willing to make that climb, she promised that I would see things that I had never dreamed of.  She showed me that music allows us to flow with the emotional ups and downs and reminds us that both are a wonder to behold, experience, and share.
She allowed me to explore the complexity of my own temperament that naturally arose from the choreography, music, costumes, and scenery.
She gave me permission to see, to recognize, and to be seen and felt in ways that were unapologetic to a knowingly judgmental world.
She showed me that the connection to another as we dance creates the space for a greater passion to be expressed. That there was more power in learning to merge than there would ever be in the division.
She showed me that when we feel deep into our own hearts, what we seek outside ourselves is within.
Ballet taught me everything that really mattered in life.
It was my first and greatest true love. Such love is rare because in loving the intricacies of learning how to feel the pulls of the sinews in my muscles and tendons, I learned to love all of me.
In learning to be fully in my body … I became more alive.
In learning to discover how to express the most subtle of nuances, I gave myself more depth.
Ballet is a type of love that teaches us how to love all parts of ourselves.
Ballet is the giver that shows us how to receive.
Ballet is a lover that teaches everything that truly matters in this realm, from our energy to our breath. Through her, I learned to embrace the hardness and softness inside my own being.
She taught me how to notice the flows of energies as they shift and then merge energetically with others.
She taught me that joining expands us into unknown and magical domains. I learned that to find the type of depth of feeling that I sought, she would require me to first … surrender to what is currently flowing.
She taught me that my fear blocks my magnificence. She taught me that the more I notice all the details in life … the more I understand myself.
That is because all of life is hard and soft. We are all the emotions in moments.
The ballet was my attempt to experience what I was trying to express.
Ballet is the magic of the inner dancing with the outer. It is the passion of a fire inside of us flowing through the water in our blood.
Breath is the inspiration of the air as it gifts us with another moment to find insight. Ballet is our personal prayer to give this world various forms of hope.
All my forms of dance were a longing to know that I am not alone out there.
Performing for me was a magical call to souls to see who else was out there.
Dance to me was a calling as much as it was a process of seeking to find others that understood this language that exists in the ethers of human emotion.
I called to you then, and I am calling you now. “Are you out there? I will let you feel me through this ballet of words that flow from my heart. I wish to show you something wonderful that is inside you. Will you let me feel your heart and soul? Will you let my dance open you to the beauty and wonder of this life? Can you feel beyond yourself and into this precious moment with me? I will take you on a glorious ride if you have to courage to let your heart leap and soar on the wings of hope. I will hold your hand and witness with you if you need to feel the pain of that longing you have been holding and hiding for too long. And if you are ready, I will show you the doorway to let out those passions that fire your imagination and catapult your creativity.”
Dance is what makes life happen.
Dance is the blend of light, life, and love.
It shows itself in millions of ways and in the many dynamic flows of energy that are constantly happening and unfolding.
Dance is the pulse that causes your heart to beat and your spirit to soar.
Dance is within you right now, longing to get out. She just is looking for a door that fear is not standing in front of … blocking her from finding a way to bring you the magic you so long to taste and touch.
When we allow all things to move, that is when we begin to dance.
When we no longer need permission to be glorious, that is when we become beautiful.
When we decide that we are enough, that is when we learn can finally learn to fly.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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