July 10, 2024

Blog – The Power of Change

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Blog – The Power of Change

Two days ago, I tackled our “bug out room”. This is the room where we have all the essentials in case of a fire and we only have a few moments to leave with those things that matter most. It is my stepdaughter’s room and with the wedding coming, we are going to have a full house soon. It was time to do a major clean up and sort through my food storage and get rid of stuff. Now the room looks like a room and the emergency fire stuff is all in one closet. It is back to feeling cozier than a dumping room.
The next challenge was to shift my office. I dig a big sorting and cleaning a few months ago as I have been dealing with all my mother’s stuff, taxes, bills, memory care stuff, health care directives etc. And I have been dealing with my uncle’s estate that has been hung up for 3 years because of needing to settle a car accident that he had prior to his death. Now, that accident has been settled, we are down to selling the stocks and then getting the probate done. Hopefully we can do distribution at the end of the year. But he and his partner did most things incorrectly and so the taxes are going to eat up a third of everything. Then it is time to pay the lawyers and finally the rest of us. It will be up to us to pay the taxes on our portions because of how the estate was put together.
At least we are at the end of this process. The bad news is that after all this, there is really no money to speak of. Nothing of substantial consequence. Seems lawyers and government will once again get the lion’s share of things. It feels as if the wealthy get all the breaks, and the normal people just continue to get taxed to death and not allow us to get ahead. I am pretty sure that is exactly what they want.
Anyway, I feel this astrology is causing powerful shifts in my life on many levels. When this happens, my energy requires my home and environment to also shift. The Fung Shui needs some tweaking.
So, I decided to rearrange my office. I have had it in this position with the cabinets and furniture since I got here and built my office off the side of the house. It was time to mix it up. Now I need a few things but those can wait for a bit. I want a really comfy chair that leans back and props my legs up. As the only furniture store in this small town recently closed, it will take time to find the right thing. But in the meantime, things have been cleaned from “stem to stern” and it feels much better.
The weather has been so hot here that doing things indoors seems to be the wise move over trying to cope with the heat.
Today, I do have to tackle killing more poison oak before the wedding. Always a fun task because I must put on a mask and cover from head to toe. While I use the best stuff, what I use that is not highly toxic to the environment, it still is not something I want to breathe. And while it works, it works very slowly. Today we are one month away from the wedding. I figure in that amount of time; I can manage to have it slowly die back. Wish me luck! LOL!

~Suzanne Wagner~

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