March 15, 2024

Blog – The Sustenance of Words and Ideas

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
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Blog – The Sustenance of Words and Ideas


I look out upon a hopeless land.
And I wonder at the beauty that still glistening in the falling light.
Beyond the concerns of mankind’s plight dances life, forever reaching, seeking delight in the whispering winds and the tastes upon the tongue.
There are many kinds of food that feed the soul.
Beyond sustenance is a deeper yearning for those things that fill the heart and mind with wonder and awe.
In the words of great souls, one can also find life, hope, and … love.
With their pen to paper, they can open us to see and sense into ourselves and other worlds.
Thus, knowing that we are not alone.
Those words become a hand reaching out to us from their mind and heart to our own, encouraging us to stretch and remember the glimmering lights within.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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