January 13, 2024

Blog – Traveling with Julia Tindall – New Zealand January 13th, 2024

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Blog – Traveling with Julia Tindall – New Zealand January 13th, 2024

There is a great gift in meeting new friends.
On this trip, I am enjoying these new exchanges with such interesting people.
Adventures to other countries allow us to be open to all new things. New foods, new wines, new sights and sounds, and my favorite, to hear the stories of others that show me the diversity of life and various souls’ choices that have taken them on paths that are unfamiliar to me but so very interesting and exciting to discover.
This group is a wonderful example of such widely diverse engagements with others coming together. I love traveling with Julia Tindall because she is an interesting person and great traveler, and she naturally attracts those same types of people to her for her various trips. I have never had a bad trip with her. She is the perfect coordinator for such adventures. She has been everywhere; she loves people, and she is an excellent planner. She knows what works and what doesn’t, and I have honestly enjoyed every vacation that my husband and I have taken with her.
We got here a day early so we could adjust to the time change. Nothing like passing the international date line and then being in the southern hemisphere at the same time. The dinner last night was amazing. What I notice in this country is that everyone here is very friendly and very causal.
The Kiwi’s are very laid back and there is no big rush around anything. Expectations are not there. There seems to be a type of ease and flow that we have been sorely lacking in our pushy American way.
Grateful to be here and I will continue to tell all of you about these adventures as we move along.
Today we embark on the adventure to discover Christchurch, the gondola ride to the top of the mountain, and a punting adventure on the river.
Let the magic begin.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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