May 23, 2024

Tarot Card for the Day – Lovers

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Tarot Card for the Day – Lovers

The Lovers card is associated with the sign of Gemini. It reminds us that we are called to heal the rifts of duality and remember that to create wholeness we must love all parts of ourselves.
When we are young and believe in “severe” right and wrong, we allow others to help define the moral parameters for ourselves. When others say we are good, then we want to emulate more of that quality. When others tell us something we have done is bad then everything in that moment gets shoved into the depths of our inner shadow.
As a child, we are whole and pure. We embrace a temper-tantrum as fully as chasing rainbows. As we grow up, we are told what it is to act and be mature. But those suggestive demands from others and from our society begin to split us more into that duality. Eventually, cutting us off from a deeper source that keeps us whole and alive.
That disconnection causes disease, dysfunction, anxiety, fear, anger, and conflict. It happens so gradually that often we do not know how much “crap” we have stuffed into our body until the body breaks down.
Only then, do we take a hard look and see how things we have disowned have taken us too far into the duality and now we have to find a way back.
That way back, can surface as another person coming into our lives that embodies that shadow but from a place of playful expression rather than shadowy repression.
That gives us the first clue. That clue is that nothing is bad unless the intention motivating it is hateful, selfish, or revenge driven.

Through another person we learn that what we have labeled as our shadow and hidden away from sight, might not be all bad.
We learn to express those parts in ways that are enlivening and playful. Such an experience can be tremendously freeing.
This is how we become more whole.
Through the process of opening to love, we learn to love the parts of ourselves that others reflect to us. When one lashes out at those reflections, you are signaling those parts that they are still unworthy of your love and care.
That is why this card is about the alchemical transformation that happens when we decide that no part of ourselves can be left behind.
We are here to love all that we are, all that we have been, all our mistakes and faults, and all of our failed attempts. When we decide that even the dark parts were simply searching for love and bring them back into the fold of our essence, the wholeness that happens allows love to expand in new ways.
We cannot truly love another if we do not know how to love ourselves.
In this world, we are down here to learn how to love. We are here to learn to love not just the things we like and are attracted to. We are here to learn to love everything in this reality. Until we embrace this experience of life totally, not only can we never be whole, but we cannot really know how to love others.
A fractured person thinks love is giving another what they want, because then they would be happy.
A healing person believes love is about sharing our journey with others and helping others to heal. This form of love is about learning to listen and being more present.
A person who has reclaimed wholeness, recognizes that one can tell the truth to another without anger, bitterness, resentment, or fear. They understand that truth can be highly disruptive to those still trapped in dysfunction. But they do it in a way that puts a crack in the ego’s armor. They do not wait for that armor to shatter or break. There is no point in that. Each person will need to unravel the truth in their own way and in their own time.
Egos have no defense against truth offered with kindness and understanding.
When a soul walks in truth, they are naturally kind. When such a soul sees suffering, they will give what will break open awareness … not necessarily what will make the soul feel better in the moment.
That is because there is no Band-Aid that will fix most levels of severe dysfunction and duality.
The only thing that ever truly heals … is truth.
That is why when truth is offered with a kind heart and caring words, one should pay very close attention because the secret to your wholeness might be encased in those intentional words.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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