January 27, 2016

Volunteers Needed for the Spring 2016 Wild Women Symposium

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner

Volunteers needed for these positions at the Spring 2016 Wild Women Symposium


Have you ever wanted to help change the world in your own small way? Become a volunteer for the Spring 2016 Wild Women Symposium and become part of the Inner Tribe! We need the help and support of those women out there with skills in the categories below. My team has been doing all of this over the past three years and we would love your skills, support, and presence as we continue to try to expand and continue these events.

Being a volunteer you get a free Full 3 Day Event Pass ticket to the Spring Event. You get special perks from the team. And you get to help in the growing of the world concept of “Women Supporting Women”. So take a look below and see if you qualify for any of these positions.

Yes, we need those with skill but more importantly we need those with a huge heart and a willingness to stretch and try new things.

My team appreciates all that any of you can do. Even if that is just Word of Mouth to others. Please feel free to share this email with those you might want to help and others that just want to explore their own Divine Feminine.

If you are interested please contact Jackie Brinkerhoff at: jackiebrinkerhoff@gmail.com

Or Contact me Suzanne Wagner at: suzanne@suzwagner.com

Thank you.


Vendor Manager

The Vendor Manager will be responsible for overseeing the vendor recruitment activity and logistics relating to the Wild Women Symposium Vendor Hall. This roles responsibilities include:

  • identifying target and ideal vendors to participate at Wild Women Symposium
  • marketing vendor opportunities
  • managing communications with interested vendors
  • managing vendor approvals and contracts
  • overseeing vendor hall configuration and logistics (setup and take down)
  • ensuring overall vendor experience is positive

This position also provides an opportunity to manage a small team of volunteers to assist.

If you are interested please go to the Survey Monkey at:



Sponsorship Manager

The Sponsorship Manager oversees all activities relating to event sponsorship activities. This particular role will work with businesses and sole proprietors that would like to support Wild Women Symposium at a sponsorship level rather than physically attending and participating as a vendor.

Responsibilities for this role include:

  • identifying service and product based businesses that resonate with the core values of Wild Women Symposium
  • managing all inbound sponsorship related inquiries
  • managing sponsorship approvals and contracts
  • coordinating the fulfillment of the sponsors agreement (door-prize giveaways, banners, gift bag inserts, email sponsorships, etc…)
  • scheduling and communicating out weekly Goddess Giveaways
  • ensuring overall sponsorship experience is positive


Public Relations Manager

The Public Relations Manager identifies opportunities to expand awareness of Wild Women Symposium. Responsibilities include:

  • connecting with TV and radio outlets for on-air opportunities
  • securing newspaper opportunities for stories and/or articles
  • working with the venue (The Leonardo) PR department to leverage additional awareness opportunities
  • assigning and scheduling key Wild Women Symposium spokespersons to participate and deliver information

3rd Party Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator identifies complementary event opportunities for Wild Women Symposium. This includes Expos, Conferences, Workshops, Festivals, etc… The Events Coordinator will also be responsible for:

  • identifying costs to participate in 3rd party events and receiving WWS funding and approval
  • organizing team to staff event
  • coordinating with cross-functional team members including Marketing Coordinator, PR Manager and Sponsorship Manager to ensure give-aways, messaging, and lead capture is executed properly.
  • report on outcome – leads generated, overall experience (for future interest in participation), suggestions moving forward.

Field Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator is focused the deployment of Wild Women Symposium marketing materials. Responsibilities include:

  • identifying key physical locations for advertising Wild Women Symposium (e.g. Coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants, studios, etc…)
  • managing a team of volunteers that are focused on distributing Wild Women Symposium content to target locations
  • collaborating and coordinating with cross-functional Wild Women Symposium team members to ensure success


Online Marketing Manager

The Online Marketing Coordinator is responsible to ensure the Wild Women Symposium event is marketed throughout various online outlets including:

  • community events calendars
  • blogs
  • meet-up groups
  • additional social media outlets

The Online Marketing Manager will work closely with the Wild Women Symposium staff and PR Manager to ensure online news calendars have appropriate WWS messaging and event information.

Hotel and ‘Goddess Party’ Manager

The Hotel and Goddess Party Manager is responsible for:

  • securing preferred Wild Women Symposium hotel discounts for attendees
  • securing space for the Saturday evening “Goddess Party”
  • organizing details for Goddess Party including: experiential activity, music, DJ, etc…
  • ensuring all contracts are reviewed, authorized, and signed by a Wild Women Symposium staff member

This position will also work closely with the Sponsorship Manager and Wild Women Symposium Staff.

Please fill out the Survey Monkey form. Please note that it will not work if you are using a phone as the system is quite large, you will have to use a regular computer to register. Thank you!



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