August 26, 2015

What is Tantra – Uncovering the Truth from the Cultural Patterns of Fear

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I will be teaching this class with Jennifer Stanchfield at the 2015 Fall Wild Women Symposium on October 2-4, 2015


Suzanne Wagner and Jennifer Stanchfield will discuss the real meaning and the purpose of Tantra as a pattern of growth, discovery, and a process for deepening intimacy in your relationship.

They will help you understand how leaning into your edges consciously, safely, and constructively with your lover unveils the deeper places that can be shared only in places of emotional vulnerability and heart connected presence.

Tantra means a weaving of love, life, and light. When you allow energy to flow between two something greater than your combined energies expands you into the places where you block your life force. Tantra is the art of learning how to navigate the chaotic patterns of life force energy by feeling into the flow, trusting the process, and allowing what is true to surface in the moment.

Tantra teaches you that the most beautiful places inside are hidden under the dark veils of old beliefs and other’s perceptions that you have taken on as your own. You learn to weave the truth from your own experience as you unweave the distortions that have been given to you by society, your family, your culture, and your religion.

It takes great responsibility to learn to move and harness the powerful force of energy that is sexuality. That responsibility requires that you stay present in the moment and move into places of emotional discomfort with great care and consciousness. Tantra requires you to let go of the “Blame Game”. Life is about choices and all choices can teach something if a strong enough container is created between both partners.

Tantra requires skills of great listening and vulnerable expression through clear communication channels. It is through experience that we discover what works for us and what does not. That willingness is essential to finding deep intimacy.

In this class we will talk about what Tantra really is. We will discuss patterns of communication that support diving deep into the possibility of a shared learning through sexual intimacy. We would love to hear real situations that the women have come up against that have challenged them and give them solutions to those problems as well as options to try in their intimate relationship.

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