April 1, 2024


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Aleister Crowley Tarot: Strife, Victory, Luxury
Words of Truth: Overriding, Letting Go, Magic, Telepathic Agreement
Mayan Oracle: Ahau, Akbal
Medicine Cards: Lynx, Dolphin
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: King of Swords, Princess of Cups, Seven of Cups
Osho Zen Tarot: Master, Ordinariness, The Source, The Rebel
Healing Earth Tarot: Ten of Feathers, Six of Feathers, Five of Shields

If these cards seem complicated and confusing, you are not wrong. What is clear is that in this season of eclipses (in the Aries/Libra trajectory), that there is a battle waging inside and outside around war and peace.
The darkness that used to be hidden inside souls has been unleashed and that genie is not willingly going back into the bottle anytime soon.
In fact, because that darkness is no longer hiding in shadows, and we have characters that are blatantly willing to allow that hateful and destructive voice out into the light and be heard. Because of that, many secrets will be revealed, and it seems that those that promote continued suffering will now have to deal with the consequences of their actions over their long and destructive past.
The tide is going to turn, and it will be in the favor of the spiritual warriors rather than those that are so filled with hate and loathing that they cannot be effective in a world that needs constructive solutions to the problems that they have created.
Seems that many that are unable to stop talking are going to let the cat out of the bag. Those that are unable to refrain from speaking cannot hear the words of others and have no ability to listen. This energy this month is like the smile of a Cheshire Cat that smiles knowingly and does not need to answer your question because the answer is going to be so very obvious.
We are being asked to listen to the waves of nature and to use our intuitive sonar and our psychic abilities to find the pathway through this month. This is a month that if you do not know the answer, then consulting a person skilled in the sacred tools of consciousness to help clear out the debris that has been accumulating on your path and causing you to feel lost and confused, will be easier.
We are learning to let go of our childish ways and our internal narcissism.
It has helped to see those in power so toxically believing in their own lies and distortions that it has caused us to take a hard look at our own illusions.
This month we will be confronted with a bewildering choice and the illusions that have concealed terrible distortion and destructive agendas are going to be revealed.
Those that wanted to live in the past are going to have to see that the future is staring them in the face and that their antiquated ways are not just preposterous but outright dangerous to our society.
Those that have been trying to defend Democracy are now going to go on the attack. They have learned that some cannot be moved with logic so now the actions are going to be decisive, quick, and determined to hold others accountable.
We are learning that Democracies have had to learn another tactic to deal with the mindsets of very determined dictators.
We have learned that weak people use fear and loathing to weaken resolve.
We have learned that dictators are highly vulnerable and weak when the people have had enough of the chaos.
We are going to see this month, that we have learned some critical lessons. We are going to see that more and more have ways to handle the toxicity that a few continue to spew. We are going to see that embarrassing them beyond measure is an effective way to cause them to collapse because they do not live in a tower of stone. They have been living in a house of cards. Truth is going to huff and puff and it will destroy and blow their illusionary houses down around their ears.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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