January 28, 2024


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Aleister Crowley Tarot: Tower, Sun, Princess of Disks, Gain, Ace of Disks
Words of Truth: Passion, Manifestation, Creativity, Success
Mayan Oracle: Men, Chuen, Etznab
Medicine Cards: Frog, Blank Shield, Swan
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Nine of Cups, Prince of Swords, Two of Swords
Osho Zen Tarot: The Fool, Patience, Letting Go
Healing Earth Tarot: Ace of Feathers, Grandmother of Pipes, Three of Pipes

Wherever the Tower card looms, know that upset, violence, and those that want to take things into their own hands is coming to impact all of us. While the other cards are not as dramatic, they do show the path through the chaos of the Tower card.
When I teach tarot I have a phrase, “The Tower is the Tower is the Tower.” Meaning that this is the most drastic expression of pent-up anger and rage. It is a card that wishes to shatter us out of the bubble of illusions that we have tried to maintain, and it is a pattern that intends to force our hands and those in power to do something different.
It is often manifested as an explosion of pent-up frustrations that have pushed certain people to feel as if they have nothing to lose so they are going to show that they will not be suppressed any longer. This card tends to lean into the destructive ways and wants to tear down those positions of power that they feel have abused them.
I do believe that out of destruction comes rebuilding and change. And honestly that is what it might take to manifest movement out of the old guard that sit like dinosaurs on top of their hoard of gold, money, and power.
What is clear is that there is mistrust and aggression boiling below the surface. There will be some major concessions and while that will quell some of those naysayers, they are looking for any way to find fault and lay blame on those that they see as the enemy.
The problem is that there are too many influencing that have radicalized the reality and demand their thoughts have value. But they do not have the ability to know how to take steps to take proper action.
In other words, there is a lot of bluff and bluster going on. There is an active and intentional distraction to lure the energy and power away from things that really matter. What becomes clear is that there are those that do not have any plan other than to thwart effective and productive movement. There is a selfish place they hold which says, “If I cannot have what I want than I will make sure that you do not get what you want either.”
I see the theme of the Frog in place, and we have had lots of rain here in California, and the frogs are into their mating rituals and are beyond happy and calling out to mates to find them. There are many cards that call for us to take a break, but we seem to need it because some keep throwing mud in our eyes. We want to get out of the line of fire. We want to find a way to take a break from so much that seems overwhelming. We want to cleanse and heal.
It seems that some will want to push and make life miserable for others. But there are also those that see we need to get outside and play and spin in the light, dance in the woods, and ground into healing modalities that will serve us in the long run.
All of us are on the threshold of a new psychic journey towards self-awareness. We seek higher spiritual guidance, and we know that allowing ourselves to fall into the well laid trap of powerful souls will only drain us of the essential energy that we will need to move forward.
As we look into the society, we see reflections of our hidden and disowned selves. To be whole as a society we are going to need to learn to find ways first to become more unified within.
February is a month that calls us to see past the distorted lenses and the rose-colored glasses. We are asked to follow our passion and allow it to be creative, objective and eventually lead us towards a successful place that we can stand that is congruent and for the greater good.
It is a busy month. There is a lot to do, and we will need a lot of moments to stop, heal, retreat, and reconnect to what really matters for us.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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