February 2, 2023


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Aleister Crowley Tarot: The Empress, Princess of Cups, The Magus – Bear Dreamer
Words of Truth: Fear, Abandonment, Change
Mayan Oracle: Kan, Etznab



For the month of February, I see this cycle as a preparation for what is coming in March.
That means that the Empress card is in the forefront of our mind. We are learning how to love and have compassion for ourselves and this world.
She is the Earth Mother that gives us life and allows us to feel nurtured and loved as we grow and explore this beautiful world. We are learning how to let others in. We are learning that our hearts are bigger and can hold more than our small, dualistic mind believes.
This month we are being asked to express more affection and learn to embrace as much beauty as possible from our current level of understanding.
On a physical level, we are being asked to learn about the nature of love, the power of acceptance, and the transformations that happen with forgiveness.

The Empress calls us back to the simple things and those things that bring us back to nature, back to what matters, and back to a better balance.

On an emotional level, this month is asking us to practice kindness and patience and to protect and defend those that are important to us. Sometimes what allows others to drop in and feel safe … is time.
When we spend time … real-time with others, it allows them to come more into our presence and feel as if they too have value to share.
Deeper conversations only happen when everyone does not feel in a rush. When we step out of our own patterns and stop to really see others, we learn that most need to feel seen and heard.
We learn that connecting with others is less about what we do and more about sharing who we are in this moment, with all our flaws and all our experiences.
On a spiritual level, this month shows us the doorways to interconnectedness and to see that embracing all the cycles of life, death, and rebirth, will give us a doorway through the fear and towards more permission to try new things and to embrace failures on the path towards success.
To find that elusive balance we need to embrace the teachings of both the cognitive left brain and the visionary side of our right brain. When both are accepted and allowed to show their understandings and visions then together, we discover more inner harmony and balance that can then be shared with the world.
There will be those this month that fear discovering their own truth. Those that cling to the truths of others without seeking first to find the wisdom within … will feel stuck, trapped, and caught in a loop of dysfunction.

Notice where you might be using overwhelm, mental distractions, and patterns of depression as a way to not take a hold of your own life and make the necessary changes.
Know that what you seek is within.
Remember that inside is only the truth, nothing more.
The Hall of Mirrors is a distraction that the mind loves to use to pull souls off course and towards repetitive patterns of dysfunction. Don’t get caught in the addiction of the illusions that exist in this world.
Most lead to unhappiness.

The key this month is to leap through the looking glass and know that all one needs is the willingness to try. That willingness is at the forefront of positive changes that will allow the dreams that might have felt lost … to become found and planted so that eventually those dreams become the new reality.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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