July 8, 2014

Intuitive Patterns For The Month of July 2014

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Osho Zen Tarot: Friendliness, The Dream, The Miser
Medicine Cards: Badger, Weasel, Hummingbird
Mayan Oracle: Manik, Universal Movement, Mystical Power
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: The Star, Two of Wands, Eigth of Cups
Aleister Crowley Deck: Valour, Knight of Wands, The Lovers
Healing Earth Tarot: Grandfather of Pipes, Man of Crystals, Six of Feathers
Words of Truth: Delusion, Discrimination, Responsibility

Yea! We have made it through the Grand Water Trine and now Jupiter has moved into Leo. As such there is a new spring in you step and a feeling of enthusiasm is spreading the light of hope to yourself and others. After such a long siege with this Grand Cardinal Cross that is beginning to wane (but not over until after March 16-17, 2015) there is some glimmer of movement. The only problem is that when you get a fire planet (Jupiter) in a fire sign (Leo) some things can get out of hand in sort of an intense way. So keep an eye on choosing words with clarity and balance and think before you speak.

Also Jupiter is a bit of a party animal and so those of you that get a bit out of control in the indulgences choose the path of moderation because under these aspects a little can turn into a lot quickly. Moderation in some things is a key to maintaining balance.

Now, I know that there has been little to celebrate for a long time and as things begin to pick up you want to cut loose and go for it but the cards are indicating that too much too fast is a mixture that can create more problems if you are not careful. Do not let yourself fall in to delusion. Keep a discriminating eye on your goal and take responsible steps in consistent fashion. As the energy is finally moving there is a deep desire to run. But just like trying to run up the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is a bad idea so is the idea that because you feel this surge of energy (and you have been waiting so long for it that you could taste it) that you should leap into action without remembering to pace yourself.

It is a wonderful feeling when you feel as if you can begin to see the goal and that the doorway you have been seeking is almost within your grasp. Just remember to follow the wave. You have put so much energy into the situation and that energy has been building so that now you can see the wave moving. There is no longer a need to push the wave just ride it!

There is always more work but for a minute enjoy the shift and feel the love that is expanding. Look at things with objective eyes and remember that correct structures and strategies is the way to keep things moving smoothly. Congratulate yourself for getting this far and remind yourself that all the struggle was worth it. It is important to appreciate the journey because it was very difficult and you know there was a lot of complaining that happened. Whether that was just in your own head or even if it did manage to get out your mouth.

The dream is taking shape and manifesting is a beautiful and unexpected way. Do not allow your mind to make that positive energy contract back down and become miserly. Remain in a place of abundance and center. Meditate in nature and breathe in appreciation for yourself and those that have walked part or all of this path with you. Take a look and see that every encounter gave you something that you critically needed. That did not mean that those lessons were fun or easy but they were essential.

From that feeling of arriving at your particular destination, feel the power that you have generated. Feel the tools that you have learned and integrated. Feel your soul’s depth and intuitive skill that managed to guide you here even when you were resisting. Appreciate who you have become. You have worked hard and even though there is always more work to do, this moment is extremely helpful to remind you that you have done well and so the next time you have to gather up your courage, perhaps you will relax and flow more easily because you have learned how to trust the core of your being and that great power that is beyond your mind.

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