April 21, 2016


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Osho Zen Tarot: Transformation, Maturity, The Rebel
Medicine Cards: Turtle, Crow
Mayan Oracle: Cib, Rhythm, New Myth
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Prince of Cups, Three of Swords, Temperance
Aleister Crowley Deck: Knight of Swords, The Fool, Wealth
Healing Earth Tarot: Seven of Feathers, Three of Shields, Woman of Shields
Words of Truth: Words of Truth, Peace, Self Love

May is a month of change. Each of us is being called to step into a more mature place in our life where we take responsibility for our choices and actions. None of us can afford any longer to be caught up in a knee jerk reaction to external situations. It is time to observe, calculate, and make choices that are clear and concise for what we intend to create in the future.

Yes, there is shadow everywhere and that shadow is pecking at us to wake us out of our slumber and into a place of responsible action. There is a calling in the astrology and cards for us to look for the truth and to speak the truth from a place of peace and respect for others and all of life.

How do we find that inner rebel that is willing to break out of the chains of our old conditioning and move from a place of power, wisdom, and action? How do we temper our sadness with justice and become centered in a reality where we can all work together?

The answer is to find the rhythm that is under the surface of the chaos and upset. There is a place where when you are not caught in the tumultuousness of life that you can find the organic space and time to flow with the new trends and consciousness that is attempting to evolve you past the places of upset and into the possibility of new solutions. Those solutions are there once you choose to let go of the patterns of the past that you cling to as a life raft of familiarity.

But safety is never real and believing that you are safe if you go backwards is a potentially harmful illusion. We are in a place where we need new ideas and new solutions to the situations that are coming to a critical mass point in the world. So many of them are piling up that there is a feeling of helplessness and despondency. It seems that there is too much so there cannot be solutions that will work. But that is a lie that the mind and ego tells you to make you fall into despair and hopelessness. And yes, the solution is not one that you can recognize when you look through the eyes of the past.

It is only with the eyes of the future that you can see beyond the old world’s limitations and come up with balanced and honest new ways that will have to be worked at and ironed out to find solutions to problems that our world has not witnessed or experienced up to this point.

Fearful minds fall into patterns of the past. Calm minds seek answers while sitting in the silence and solitude of non-dual consciousness. Patterns created from fear and from that past only recreate history that we were supposed to learn something from so that we will do something different in the futre. Humanity is notorious for going back again and again, and doing what did not work then yet somehow they think it will work now. Our memory is limited in registering the suffering of our ancestors. It is our job now to remember the past in an honest fashion and believe in the tools and fresh eyes of a new generation who want to take us beyond the known and into the potential that is human existence if we can just get beyond our judgment, fear, and need to be right and superior to others. Together we can find the doorways. More and more our world is becoming a global system rather than individual countries. It is time to take that to a new level by finding the pathways to peace and prosperity together.

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