May 1, 2023

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of May 2023

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner



Aleister Crowley Tarot: Science, Ace of Wands, Completion
Words of Truth: Repression, Letting Go, Learning Experience
Mayan Oracle: Portal of Transcendence, Realm Shift
Medicine Cards: Elk, Coyote
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Seven of Disks, Judgement, Ace of Cups
Osho Zen Tarot: The Source, Adventure, Suppression
Healing Earth Tarot: Chariot, Nine of Wands, Three of Feathers

The Month of May brings an explosion of new flora and fauna. It opens doors that had been tightly sealed for too long.
Pluto starts the month off by going retrograde and sets the tone that now is the time to really look at a few things that seem to be surfacing much like a plant starting to push through the ground in the springtime.
Life had been stuck for so long. Frozen in the density of with winter signs for a decade. But now we seem to feel as if things are beginning to thaw. Emotions rise up to touch our consciousness and we seem to notice more things that are now demanding our attention.
The movement seems quick, and the actions seem to require us to address those things that we had attempted to ignore or forget.
This month the cards indicate that we are going to need a lot of strength and stamina to go the distance. And Coyote seems to want to remind us to not believe everything that is being presented.
There are many moments that might seem like a trick. Some may want to make us take unnecessary detours along this pathway of our life.
Don’t be fooled and you will manage through this maze of May … marvelously.
We want to have a moment to find a way to become content with our past, embrace the unknown future that waits just on the other side of our fear, and somehow figure out how to be here now.
It’s a lot to ask. And it seems that everything ahead is going to feel like a learning curve.
It is time to embrace the new knowledge that is trying to take us someplace different.
As we are in this month of May, the best approach is to see it all as some grand new adventure. From that place and intent … then everyone we meet along the way is also attempting to be on their own journey as well. Perhaps we can share stories and figure out how to have new friends, create great spontaneous moments, wonderful engagements, and feel as if there is a path through these brambles.
Feel the sun and wind at your back, know that it is time to move through the portal that has appeared and feel into the truth that something is very different.
There is no need to look behind because there is no one behind that you are required to lead. There is no one ahead because you are on your own unique path. It does not have to be lonely because we are going to find those new souls along this path that have similar interests and goals.
It is time to be excited to embark on this new path and to expand in so many new ways. We cannot know what we will find when we are willing to lean into those unknown places. I know that you are about to discover miraculous traces of who you came here to become.
Enjoy this month.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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