October 2, 2016

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of October 2016 – Plus Astrological Transits

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Osho Zen Tarot: Adventure, Slowing Down, Experiencing
Medicine Cards: Mouse, Lizard
Mayan Oracle: Harmonic Resonance, Center
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: The Chariot, Prince of Wands, Queen of Wands
Aleister Crowley Deck: The Hanged Man, Peace, Luxury
Healing Earth Tarot: Judgment, Grandmother of Pipes, Grandmother of Feathers
Words of Truth: Integrity, Present, Guidance

Yes, you are going to have to give up something to take this next step. Yes, it is going to cost money, time, and energy. But after the intensity of September it might seem like the only logical choice.

This month we are reminded that life is supposed to hold the qualities and characteristics of meditation. Walking can be a meditation. Sitting can be a meditation. Chopping wood and carrying water can be a meditation. That is because it is the qualities that meditation brings into conscious awareness that then push out into the external world that make the experience of enlightened existence a part of normal life.

What is it to be in high states of awareness? You can tell based on the actions of the person. A person who is stable in a heightened state of clarity tends to be alert, present, joyful, centered, loving, flowing, at peace with, and not seeking attention from the external sources to feel safe and validated.

Let go of the attachments to outcomes and the labels of good or bad that you have given them based on if the outcome is one you want or anticipate. Accept what is and welcome the new things being initiated in your life. Take responsibility for the illusions you have been carrying and just allow this moment to be one of forgiveness and peace. Remember, the core of enlightenment is “ease”. It is through allowing “ease” into a dominant position in your life that you find your own cool, calm, and centered self. From that place there is nothing you need to seek out because you are already home.

There are so many secrets that nature is attempting to share with you at this time of seasonal change. It is one thing to see the colors change and another to be at one with the flow and to drop into the biorhythm that is nature, the animals, and plants in the process of bringing the life that has been external into a place of that life being protected and internal.

This is a time where external growth is slowing down but internal growth has the potential to speed up. Growth is inherently dangerous. There is always risk and sacrifice in growth. This month a million mistakes are possible but facing those insecurities is the only way to grow. You have to be willing to fail. You have to be willing to face the uncertainty of the unknown. That is why the totem of the Mouse is so interesting this month. A mouse needs to feel everything in order to know it. This is a strength and a weakness all at the same time. Getting too close to something can make you anxious and it creates a type of mental fretting. That needing to have everything perfect is a form of fear in being on earth, of doing it right, and of not feeling the flow of energy that is life all around you. Being a nitpicker is not a positive trait. Being unable to let things go is another form of this same energy.

Yes, knowing is wonderful but there is so much out there in the universe that in our present state of human awareness, evolution, brain capacity, and form that we are just not presently capable of fully understanding the great mysteries of the universe. The more organized you are in your life, the more afraid you are of the chaos of life that is just beyond the safe box you have created in your mind and in your world.

This month something is calling out to you. It is nature itself attempting to break through the barriers that you have put up in your mind that block that masterful and subtle consciousness that is life from coming fully into your awareness. It is time to scrutinize your life. That means to deeply examine whether it is working the way your soul needs and wants or not.

Are you locked in the dark dream of your shadow where you exist but are actually asleep and not fully alive? Has your life become a nightmare? If it has then your inner conflict has broken out of the dream world and into your conscious world as it attempts to get your attention.

Remember, your life is not limited to just what you perceive. There is a multitude of other things going on if you are willing to risk and leap out of the judgment and into the center that is life. When you resist the natural order and flow and are living on the edge of life’s center, it will be a hard life. But choosing to leap into the flow not knowing where you are going to end up is the place where miracles and magic still exist. And they can happen to you. Listen to the guidance being offered, stay fully present, and stand up for who you are in the most integrous of ways and you will discover that peaceful center you so desperately are seeking.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology for October

We have finally finished the eclipse cycle of Aug-Sept 2016 and lets just say that all of us can breath a collective sigh of relief. I am sure you feel that after all the chaos and change you are each feeling a bit desperate for balance. There is a New Moon Quincunx to Neptune in Pisces with the South Node, creating a lot of insecurity and feelings of not knowing where you are going, how you are going to get there, and a concern for many things in your life that feel out of alignment. Mars and Pluto are in Capricorn meaning that they are pushing you to make decisions that will finally move you out of the old and into the new and those choices and decisions seem imperative.

Jupiter is in Libra attempting to establish a new way to balance all the desires, fears, and boundaries that have recently been established. But in your core you are feeling hesitant, angry, and frustrated with what is being presented, how things are being presented, and at your wits end in the level of deception, lies, and distorted information that is being spewed all over the place.

Mars in Capricorn is exalted and it likes to be here and after such a sluggish year, Mars is antsy to get going but the Jupiter in Libra is making it feel like you cannot just make a decision for yourself but you have to make a decision that also works for everyone else in your life. Mars really does not like it when Libra makes it feel like it has to carry everyone you know on its back.

Mercury is coming out of the shadow in Virgo but it is looking backwards at the past and what has transpired and you know that somehow you need to make a decision about where to go. You do not want to feel as if your decision will make you feel stuck or trapped. But you have to make a decision.

Saturn in Sagittarius wants to have lots of options but all the rest of the astrology clearly indicates that you are not going to have that luxury. Once we get past the New Moon and you finally decide, you will be able to relax but feeling through what you want and then recognizing that you are not going to get the external right now to match your internal pictures is agonizing.

Mars is around that 8 degree mark and the 8th degree rules decision so choice is what is up and you may not get all you want but you have to look at what will allow you to move forward.

And with Jupiter Squaring Mars you may want to leap before you look (which is a really bad idea). You may feel as if you are still sitting in a place of miserable indecision. Truth is your going to have to move forward whether you like it or not.

At least the Venus Trine Neptune at the beginning of this month is at least giving you access to your deeper inner knowing. Listen to your guts and listen to your intuition. The truth is you know what you need to do it is just that you are not going to get all the pieces lined up perfectly right now because there have been so many lies, deceptions, and distortions that your perception has been intentionally screwed with my the media.

This is not the time to fall in love because you are in a bit of an illusion but it is beautiful because you are allowed to flow into a great mystery that is all of life. It is time to look at the patterns you have created in your past relationships and to discover what needs to change and then for you to actively work in the direction of those changes.

On October 7th Mercury goes into Libra and joins Jupiter there giving you the ability to look at things from another person’s perspective and to bring a new skill and harmony into communications. You can have happier days because Mercury is conjunct Jupiter and so there is a better vibe in your interactions with others.

Expect the unexpected at the middle of the month and this will bring people into a better balance in your life.

Mars is conjunct Pluto on the 20th, and that is a world problem as it is very angry and groups of people will not want to back down and may do things to the extreme.

Then there is a Cardinal Grand Cross on the 22nd if you include asteroids bringing in the question of emotion versus control.

Then on the 23rd we go into Scorpio as we fall into deep discussions with others. It is a time of depth and look at issues on a new level of understanding. Expect more secrets to be revealed.

At the end of the month there is a New Moon in Scorpio to step through some fears and finally come into your power. Halloween will be a big deal this year because there is the Sun/Mercury in Scorpio trining Neptune in Pisces bringing a lot of emotions to the surface. This Halloween is very psychic and can bring connections to your loved ones on the other side. It will also help the love life open to new depth. This is a very emotional month, an exciting month. It might be very hard for the world but we are looking at what is love to us and how we need to shift our old self and come into a new and more balanced place in the ways of love, passion, and romance.


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