February 7, 2024

Poem – Behind the Façade

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
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Poem – Behind the Façade

Perception is a mysterious thing.
We want it to be clear, like a wedding ring.
But we often see what others do not.
We see past where others can be bought.

It is strange how I watch some become grand and full of light.
But in my presence, the ego cannot shine so bright.
Instead, I see past the illusions and façade.
I see into the soul that is insecure and flawed.

Most don’t like that my energy can unmask hidden things.
They want to maintain the illusion that they are queens and kings.
I bring out that which hides deep within.
I see the label of things … that have been defined as sins.

The trick is that what they have labeled as bad and wrong.
Is a part of them and a piece of an intrinsic song.
When we allow illusions to linger and never break down.
We cannot really relate to them because of their lofty crown.

It is when the masks dissolve away.
Then we feel our own loss and dismay.
We want to see what is behind the veil.
We want to see a soul’s life be more than a fairytale.

When the hero falters, they capture our hearts.
Because then we might find courage to make our own start.
Start our own magical path to discover that we are more.
After all, being perfect is a terrible bore.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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