February 25, 2024

Poem – How Evil Has Sway

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
By Published On: February 25, 2024Categories: Poems For Members

Poem – How Evil Has Sway

I looked into the mirror and saw a blue flame.
I was surprised to see that part that could not be tamed.
I had felt her inside for a very long time.
I always knew my life would be a paradigm.

That flame has burned bright though I tried to make it hide.
It kept flaring up no matter how hard I tried.
But that flame has kept me going through thick and thin.
She showed me that I had the power to fight and to win.

She is stronger now and fully out for all to see.
But she is calm and cool even when she does not agree.
That fire sees that others have their own path to take.
And now she sees how much there is at stake.

Without others allowing that fire that is deep inside.
To find a way to the surface and allow it to no longer hide.
We will live in a world where evil will continue to have its way.
When we are not in touch with truth, that is how evil has sway.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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