January 19, 2024

Poem – Milford Sound – New Zealand

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
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Poem – Milford Sound

I wonder what it feels like to be the water cascading down the cliffs of Milford Sound?
The rain cool, and forceful, magically merges into hundreds of precipitous waterfalls.
Here there is a wildness that still exists, that is still alive with forces that mankind still cannot comprehend.
So, instead we just witness it in awe and marvel at the beauty that surrounds us in a circle of enchanting yet unstoppable power.
These cliffs are creation in action. These drops of water preciously falling into the ocean below.
There are moments when we have a chance to witness one of the great natural wonders of the world.
And they greatly surpass anything that humanity has created.
The Goddess is at work in this place with a potency that is unrestrained.
Mankind is currently incapable of interrupting her artistic sculpture in this landscape of eloquence.
The winds whip the sound and in places push the waterfalls back up into the sky.
That water not yet ready to merge with the salty ocean, like a child wanting to go back up to play on this tempestuous ride a few more times.
Here in this place closest to Antarctica, there are tree ferns the size of a bus and the moss is so lush that each footstep cushions the feet of those brave enough to adventure into its moisture laden depths.
Witnessing such magic allows us to become a part of creations enchanting illusions.
Our eyes capture something new and unknown and that spark of divinity changes our minds and hearts forever.
The Goddess pulls us into presence and ensnares our souls with her acceptance of all things wild.
Incased in her supernatural web, we willingly are coaxed beyond our mind and that allows our soul a moment to reconnect to why we wanted to come to this world of ravished beauty and diverse expression.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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