March 1, 2024

Poem – Souls Are Gems

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
By Published On: March 1, 2024Categories: Poems For Members

Poem – Souls are Gems


Some souls are gems in the rough.
Some are cubic zirconia that believe they are tough.
They love to shine very bright.
But cannot take a hit like a diamond in the night.

There are many things in this life that have a beautiful shine.
But that does not mean that they are unique or kind.
Those that hold the power to stay.
Were put under terrible pressure and dismay.

There are forces outside that will try to crush.
And can turn the weak into sparkly mush.
But there are a few that can take the heat.
And refuse to let dark forces shatter their mystique.

Power comes to those who do not break or bend.
To those ideas and beliefs of disturbed men.
They know that the most beautiful things.
Have special powers and have hidden wings.

Certain gems must be carefully cut.
Not ground into flour like a walnut.
Only with care and deep understanding of a raw stone.

Can something become a bright firestone.

Inside your heart beats a precious gem.
But it will stay hidden if your ego only condemns.
Till the time when you love more than you hate.
That is when you will find this pearl at your gate.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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