February 3, 2024

Poem – Wars Want Us To Take Sides

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
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Poem – Wars Want Us To Take Sides

When wars become tools to purge the land.

Of enemies, they believe lie under the sand.

That is when great nations will begin to fall.

All from the lies of a leader’s call.

How many men have lost their lives?

Because of made-up stories from ancient archives.

Mankind falls for the falseness again and again.

And no matter the outcome, no one really wins.

The blood lust makes wisdom fall asleep.

Allows religious zealots to faithfully leap.

Into the storms that will consume them all.

And their only fate will become a downfall.

There are soldiers that have blood on their hands.

There are tongues that poison distant lands.

There are those who do nothing and pretend to not care.

There are those who are forever haunted with an endless stare.

So much energy is put into destruction and death.

When we could create a world of peace and breath.

Until we find the places of deeper wisdom inside.

War will continue to bleed the goodness to sustain pride.

We seek solutions to the problems at hand.

But the answers will not come when education is banned.

If you allow education to become a bright sword.

We will embrace solutions rather than let them be ignored.

We can come to peace when there is space and support.

Then there is no reason for the lies that distort.

When there is not enough to go around.

We attack others to gain more ground.

That is when we find reasons to justify our terrible actions.

And in our insecurity, we create support through factions.

But these never work for an extended period of time.

Because there are those that blame others for a made up crime.

Tomorrow, we will again be pulled towards taking a side.

Some will refuse and try to run and hide.

That is when those who need to find someone to blame.

Will lash out at the weak to justify their claim.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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