February 21, 2024

Poem – Home

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
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Suzanne Wagner Poem – Home

I saved a life and it was my own.
I got lost from the place that I called home.
But the wisest part inside of me.
Called to this lost part to sail on the sea.

She wanted to find excitement and play.
She was sure it was across the sea in another bay.
So together the wise one and the child at heart.
Decided to journey forth and so they did embark.

The winds were strong and the waves crashed over the boat.
There were times when it was unsure if they would stay afloat.
But they made it to this new tropical paradise.
And it was beautiful and worth the sacrifice.

But eventually that wandering child just wanted to go home.
It was tired of the adventure that continued to roam.
And so, the wise one turned the boat around.
Before they knew it … they were homeward bound.

They are now back to the familiar and those things that matter most.
And instead, they have become a traveling host.
Now others come from far away.
Because they lost their place of home and feel astray.

So instead of needing to wander the world.
They recognize that their home is its own pearl.
And peace comes to all that enter their door.
Because they finally know that their home is so much more.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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