March 23, 2023

Poem – Anger is a Bubbling Pot

Poem – Anger is a Bubbling Pot

Anger wells up from deep within,

A fire burning bright and hot,

It simmers, seethes, and bubbles up,

A potent brew, a bubbling pot.


But anger’s roots run deeper still,

Beneath the surface of our pain,

It stems from wounds we cannot heal,

From hurts that echo and remain.


We rage against the world outside,

But really, we’re at war within,

Our sense of self is bruised and battered,

Our confidence, our worth, our skin.


We lash out, we scream, we rail,

But underneath it all, we know,

The anger’s not about the world,

It’s about the wounds that we won’t show.


So let us face our anger now,

And see it for what it truly is,

A symptom of a deeper hurt,

A wound we’ve tried so hard to miss.


Let us be gentle with ourselves,

And kinder to the wounds we bear,

For only then can we find peace,

And learn to love ourselves with care.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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