May 5, 2023

Poem – Look Deeper

Poem – Look Deeper


Look deeper, and you’ll find the core,

Of what drives us and makes us roar.

To settle scores or to love and adore,

What beats our hearts, what we stand for.


Live a life that’s gentle and kind,

With love in our hearts, and peace in our mind.

We’re not just a fragment, but a shining star,

As our light guides us, we can go very far.


Trust in ourselves, and let go of fear,

And we’ll find a way to travel near.

We’ve learned to cower, but now we’ll stand tall,

With courage and grace, we’ll conquer all.


We have so much to give if we try,

Our potential is limitless, we can touch the sky.

Unmask our lies, and break free from the chains,

And our spirit will soar, as we embrace the change.


Freedom awaits, beyond what we think,

And negative thoughts will vanish in a blink.

Take this moment, and cherish it well,

And listen to our hearts, as we break out of our shell.


For we are one, connected and strong,

Together we’ll rise, and sing our song.

With love and compassion, we’ll make a new start,

And the world will be filled with joy in our heart.

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