May 14, 2023

Poem – To All the Mothers

Poem – To All the Mothers


To all the mothers that have given so much.

Know that you are special and without your touch.

We would have failed in so many ways.

We would never have found the paths to be amazed.


You held our hands and let us cry.

You told us that everything lived and died.

You showed us how to care for our body.

You gave us a feminine reflection that we could choose to embody.


You cared for us when we floundered and failed.

You taught us to breathe when we cried and wailed.
Without your love and tender touch.

We could have missed oh … so very much.


May all the mothers reflect on the sacrifices that were never known.

You made us safe, and you gave us a home.

Because of your care we have learned to try.

And because of your heart we know it is okay to cry.


~Suzanne Wagner~

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