May 22, 2024

Poem – The Meaning Of Life Is To Play

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
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Poem – The Meaning Of Life Is To Play

The wind blows across my face.
But life keeps making things feel like a race.
I am tired of the endless things that need to be done.
I want to feel free and remember how to run.

In the dismal places that mankind creates.
Are endless traps and closed gates.
That is why it is time to break down the walls.
Before our heart sinks and our hope falls.

Put aside those things that will always be there.
Put them in the closet and then go down the stairs.
There is more to life than chores that will never end.
There is life and hope in the enchanted worlds of pretend.

Go play with the trees and listen to the creeks.
Laugh out loud and smile with those cheeks.
Without a moment to remember what matters most.
We become depressed and dreary and without hope

Take a moment to forget what the mind needs achieved.
Instead follow the path that lets things feel relieved.
Inside the stillness is another path and another way.
That is where we remember that the meaning of life is to play.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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