March 17, 2023

Poem – St Paddy’s Day

Poem –  St. Paddy’s Day


In the green of this special day.

I feel the songs in my heart that want to play.

Those songs that used to make us smile.

Those songs that could help us dance for miles.

There is a wee bit of Irish still in my blood.

But on this day, it feels more like a flood.

A flood of pride for those that came before.

A power and passion that believed in more.

So much so that in the darkest days.

They got on a boat to make their way.

To a new world where hope could be found.

Rather than wait for fairness to come around.

I thank those brave souls that took the risk.

And now I wave and send a kiss.

Up to them all as they watch with pride.

To see the hope they engendered did not subside.

So now with curiosity and great care.

I send much love in a prayer.

Up to the heavens where they wait.

To see me when I walk through heaven’s gate.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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