Poem  – The Dance of the Number 22 and the Evolution of the Number 4

Poem  – The Dance of the Number 22 and the Evolution of the Number 4

In the dance of life, where triumphs are born,

Lies a truth, a wisdom, from failures torn.

For all great successes, come at a cost,

Crafted through many attempts, and things that were lost.

The universe, our teacher, whispers in our ear,

“Stay humble, my child, let vanity disappear.

With each endeavor, embrace both the rise and fall,

To safeguard humility, learn from them all.”

In another realm of fairness, where justice resides,

A perfect record would inhibit some strides.

For if success followed each new venture’s call,

Our balance would falter, and all growth would stall.

Mistakes, will always happen, like whispers in the breeze,

But worry not, we are not here to appease.

Own up to those moments, learn from each one,

And with renewed vigor, continue to have fun.

In Hebrew’s language, 22 letters unfold,

From creation to eternity, our human manifold.

These steps, they’re the essence of bringing life forth,

The building blocks that point to our true north.

Know as we reach, all will at moments feel unsure,

Nervousness and anxiety hinder and make things obscure.

We are limitless beings, yet bound by the rules of earth,

Both intuitive and rational, our home and hearth.

In balance we find solace, as pieces align,

For 22 transforms, becoming a shift so divine.

It molds into a 4, a neutral realm we so choose,

Where peace within ourselves then allows us to never lose.

Embrace all our failures, and continue to try something new,

That is how you will heed the wisdom the universe bestows on few.

For in the journey of learning, we’ll find our own way,

And celebrate harmony and peace, where spirits forever play.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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