Poem – The Journey to Find the Way Home

Poem – The Journey to Find the Way Home

When one is old and dying away.

The old childhood fears cannot be kept at bay.

They chase us around and make us afraid.

Others try to deflect and keep them at bay.

But in the night, when we are all alone.

Those old fears are able to freely roam.

And suddenly we do not know where we are.

And we become lost inside, searching very far.

That is the journey that each of us will take.

It is a process in life, that our dreams show us the gate.

Because in each person’s life we will find ourselves on a path.

One that is unfamiliar but something magic has been cast.

And our soul will seek to find a door to peace and light.

To get there we will have avoid that bear in the night.

Our souls seek release from the density and pain.

Only the courage to leap will free us from the mind’s loop again.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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