December 14, 2016

Rules of Consciousness and the Patterns of Weak Minds

Rules of Consciousness

A conscious person cannot defend a person who lies.
A conscious person cannot justify a person who actively hurts others.
A conscious person cannot allow a person to spew hate.
A conscious person cannot perpetuate an illusion created by another and spread it as fact.
A conscious person is obligated to stand up for those who are the victims of prejudice.
A conscious person is pulled to speak up when others are afraid.
A conscious person is willing to have others lash out at them because they understand that truth often illicit heated reactions from others as their illusions are destroyed or confronted.
A conscious person understands the fear they feel inside but they choose to do what is “right” no matter what.


The Patterns of Weak Minds

Weak minds follow powerful charismatic people to validate their own feelings of insecurity.
Weak minds create illusions in their mind and pick and choose the words of someone they have chosen to align with in order to be okay with the poor choice of their ego.
Weak minds will not look at all the information.
Weak minds will justify and defend positions that do not align with the Divine plan of life on earth.
Weak minds are afraid to stand up against powerful forces so they align with the darkness inside and outside.
Weak minds are more interested in self than others and the greater good of all.
Weak minds are focused on profit and money and don’t care about the negative impact of those things on the earth.
Weak minds cannot see beyond themselves and their own immediate needs.

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