Suzanne Wagner Quote – A Tribute to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford



A Tribute to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford


The longest day began with a sigh.
A strong woman stood determined to try.
She looked upon the faces of fraud
Men in suits who believed they were god.
A squad of hate meant to tear her down.
The puppets controlled by an orange clown.
In her eyes was an innocent trust.
Not for them to believe her just.
For all women she spoke with a heart so true.
And slowly the smirking smiles unglued.
Replaced by fear, shock, and alarm.
Because her story could clearly disarm
The trap they had set from their pulpit of lies.
Success crumbled and revealed their disguise.
In the face of truth, the shadow was revealed.
That truth became the strongest shield.
The weakness of men reviled and feared.
Revealed itself to those they would have smeared.
A day to be remembered, burned in the brain.
Of all those who listened and even those that distained.
I stand so proud to be the witness of a great light.
Of a woman who faced the darkest night.
And in the end freed not only her past.
But all those who had been harmed and harassed.
From the ancestors of old you could hear the applause.
From the children right now, you could hear the awes.
I felt the world shift as the reality became
More about the truth and less about blame.
I hear the voice of the softest light.
Open to the suffering of the feminine plight.
Yesterday a crack opened in the rigid world
And the American flag became unfurled.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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