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  1. Dawn Neidig 4 months ago

    I’m so grateful my cousin Julie shared you with me ! I just loved watching your videos! Thank you❤️ I was wondering if you could tell me about my birthday this year because you hit on the 2020 meaning and my bday was actually 2-2-2020 …if you have time I would love to know about that😳.. lol .. and thank you ❤️… I’m looking forward to meeting you in slc one day!

    • Author
      Suzanne Wagner 4 months ago

      Awe! Thank you. Here is the numerology for your birthday this year. From your birthday this year until your birthday next year you are in a “8” vibration or the Year Number Eight.
      You are in an “8” year which is a year to remember that: “As is above so must be below.” This means that what ever you dream must become the grounded reality in the physical plane. If you are able to master the infinity symbol of 8, moving the energy down your front, between your legs, up you spine and flip it over the top of you head (in the upper circle of the figure 8) then you will manifest money, power, and consciousness. You are attempting to bring heaven to earth and earth to heaven. Be warned that this year can also bring up deep emotions such as grief and loss. So take an honest look at everything and everyone around you and complete and communicate with those you love in an honoring way. Do not leave any emotional issues unfinished or unresolved. Look at your life and those you love with a compassionate heart and forgive anything from the past that no longer serves.
      The Eight year forces introspection of your life and choices. When the 8 year moves perfectly you are able to manifest what you dream into the physical world. Then you are able to take the skills and lessons learned in the physical world and lift yourself and others up.

      Lesson: Work through the emotions that no longer serve. From surrender can come movement and success.

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