Suzanne Wagner Quote – Shades Of Intimacy


Shades of Intimacy

I saw magic flow through the room.
I saw men learn to make women swoon.
I saw what happens when passion moves up and through the heart.
I learned that anger does not need to tear you apart.
I learned that moments come when you must take a leap.
I learned to trust the flow, take a breath, and dive deep.
In that depth you discover what has held you back.
In that depth you discover your fear and what you believe you lack.
But it is right there just waiting for you to see.
If you are willing to allow your greatness to be.
Open you heart, let love in.
Open your mind so that new things can begin.
Let love be your guiding star.
Let that light shine bright from your heart.
In the end love is all there is.
Life is not some sort of crazy quiz.
You can only take what you truly give,
From an open heart let go and forgive.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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