Suzanne Wagner Quote – The Exhaustion of the Statue of Liberty



I dreamed the Statue of Liberty breathed a sigh of relief.
Her head dropped in a countenance of grief.
Her torch she held up so high
Dropped in exhaustion down to her side.
The dream upon which she stood for so long
Had been under attack and her Constitution wronged.
She stood straight and tall while they targeted her people.
She did not waiver in protecting the steeple.
The crown upon which she rested her head
Did not get there because she was afraid of what others said.
She has weathered a storm that she has not seen.
Since the moment she was created and made into our Queen.
Never has she held the laws so tight to her breast,
Protecting it with her heart and the time she did invest.
She had gathered the tired and poor at her feet
As they cried out in despair fearing defeat.
But she knew in her heart that her position was true.
She knew she had to fight against tyranny and the rich few.
She stood for a country that was not about the wealth.
She stood for a moral compass and a commonwealth.
On her face the tears are permanently stained.
Regardless of the freedoms that Republicans had chained.
She stood in silence to witness to their unprecedented cruelty and rule
She knew that her ideas were not those of a fool
She saw that the representatives had been bought,
By the lobbyists who wanted to take from those that had not.
Those that had not the power to protest.
Those that were ill, hurt, or distressed.
Only the darkest hearts tear down the weak.
Only the cruelest use laws as tweets.
But for a moment she took a breath
And sat down to reflect and rest.
In a moment she will stand straight and tall.
When she hears that truth again is the call.
She might be made of metal and wood
But she is the symbol upon which this country stood.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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