December 8, 2016

The Grinch that Stole America – By Suzanne Wagner

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
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The Grinch that Stole America

There once was a man so filled with hate
That he wanted to control everyone’s fate
He manipulated and lied to all he could
He inflamed the anger instead of the good.
His ego was so strong he had to win
It did not matter if he sinned.
He lusted for power and had been eternally caught
In the lower chakras he existed and was lost.
The trap of power he fell deep into
Such suffering he will cause me and you.
The trap of sex he manipulated and turned
To the horror of many who observed so concerned.
The trap of money was inbred you see
His father admired only the greedy on bended knee.
There are moments in time when abominations appear.
They show us our shadow in actions and sneers.
When you deny what you hold deep inside
When you lie and try to hide
From the darkness that you hold
It emerges as a lust for gold
You are trying to remember who you are
You are trying to connect to a painful scar.
Clearly this must be the only way
For everyone to see beyond their ego’s play.
Horror and shock is coming soon.
Followed by much doom and gloom.
Hold tight to those you love and know.
We can recover from such a deep blow.
There are moments in time such as this
That things that were good and did exist
Will disappear for a period of time
Plowed under by those with only wealth in mind.
Such sadness I see in the coming years.
So much will suffer because of your fears.
You fear to stand so then you fear to be alive.
You fear that you may not survive.
You defend the darkness that lurks inside.
You refuse to listen to the other side.
You continue to pull the world in two.
But you will only break in you what cannot be glued.
When you point and hiss and whine.
About those standing against such crimes.
You wound yourself so deeply you see.
And that wound you will hold eternally.
That is how you learn to change.
When your choices cause so much pain.
Only then will you shift
Into a place of more awakened bliss.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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