January 24, 2024

Astrology for 1/25/2024

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Astrology for 1/25/2024

The Full Moon in Leo seems bright and promising in the sky. We shift into a time where we can allow new insights to bring us tremendous peace and contentment, romance and understanding. It allows us to feel proud of our accomplishments and to see those places where we stood up and often alone to do what was right.
Today, is another day to allow another moment to do the same.
With this powerful Aquarian Sun with Pluto illuminating many new potentials also for us in Aquarius, there can be a symbolic conflict around emotional revelations that get us in touch with things that can no longer be put to the side for another day. I find the faster one embraces the obvious and allows these powerful shifts to take hold, the resistance goes away immediately, and one can find what seemed impossible a few months ago to now not only be somewhat easy but it also will quickly show us the rewards for our new actions and choices.
Add to the fact, that this Full Moon in Leo will square to Jupiter and if we are not careful, we might amplify the truth a bit too much or make our contribution bigger than it was. Be careful to not let the ego run away with the facts.
Mars will square Chiron and what may surface are some old feelings and emotions. For some that feeling could be uncomfortably raw. Don’t let anything build up today, express frustrations and anger quickly. Do not hold on to it, because such festering emotions with all these squares and oppositions can make things boil over at very inappropriate points if we try to hold back or wait.
Even playful moments can get out of hand and things buried may surface generating some very uncomfortable feelings.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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