January 24, 2024

Blog – Coming Home and Sharing My Journey Around Food Sensitivity Testing

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Blog – Coming Home and Sharing My Journey Around Food Sensitivity Testing


After a 28-hour long series of plane trips, I am back home and tucked into my wonderful abode. What a spectacular trip this one was. One for the memory books. Thank you, Julia Tindall, for organizing it all. I have loved all the very memorable trips I have done with her, and she knows how to put it all together and must have the greatest weather angel ever. We saw Mt. Cook and hiked the trails around to its lakes on a perfectly clear day. Evidently a very rare event.

And saw Milford Sound in a heavy rain and windstorm, making hundreds of waterfalls come pouring off the cliffs and the wind carrying the water back up into the sky before it touched the ocean. A spectacular view that I will remember forever. The sounds of the winds through the fiord and the falling waterfalls are one of those unique sounds I will treasure in my mind forever.
There are special places and moments, and this was one of them. Financially it was a total stretch and there were brief times that I questioned whether I should go. It took my budget down to nothing and I worried about the automatic bills that were coming out while I was gone for those two weeks. But it was worth it! After all, I am not getting any younger and the amazing hikes that we had were so memorable that I know something divine was at work in this process.

The clincher for me was that I was going to be in New Zealand when this amazing astrology shifted from Pluto in Capricorn into Pluto in Aquarius with the Sun also going into Aquarius. An extremely rare moment to be in such an extremely rare place. I felt that it was going to set the tone for my cycle of Pluto in opposition to my Sun for the next 20 years.
In astrocartography, setting yourself in interesting places as the solar chart comes around can be extremely significant. I did this a few times and one in particular was when I needed to finish up some huge details in my tarot book and my mind needed to be in a place that gave me a Virgo ascendant for my solar return. So, the only place I had that in the US was in Eureka, CA. I had no money, so I drove to Eureka from Salt Lake City, UT, stayed in the cheapest hotel that was there and just worked on the book. And it worked! Not only did I do the hardest parts of my book, but I also got a taste of what was going to come my way and eventually bring me to this same area, my new husband, and a lifestyle that was going to save my life in more ways than one.
This moment, January 20th, while not a setting for the beginning of my solar return felt even more important on many levels.
Once again, broke, financially strapped after Christmas, and asked to trust the universe once again, I leaped and realized that the angels were not wrong!

This life often feels as a wild series of moments when I am repeatedly asked to leap off cliffs and trust. At 63 years old, I am getting quite good at it. But each time, it has those moments where the impossible is the doorway to something powerful, transformational, and … wonderful.
Add to that, I did a 96-food sensitivity test on Christmas Eve because I had not been feeling well. I kept coughing when I ate, and my genetics has an Alpha 1 Antitrypsin gene which causes COPD and Liver Cancer. My grandmother died of all of those, my mother has COPD and Emphysema (she never smoked) and my sister does as well. I have watched them coughing through the years, but I had managed to get by unscathed but in the last year, I have felt an odd sensation in my lungs when coughing and I am smart enough to know that while my diet is ridiculously clean and organic, genes can get triggered and I felt I was doing something wrong.
So, I called my OBGYN who is great at all the testing of odd things and explained my problem and she put me on some lung herbs while I put myself before that on Mullein tincture from Herb Pharm (my favorite company started by an old Osho follower from Puna) and began to feel better. But I knew that I needed to do a Food Sensitivity test.
The results were not surprising as I did a Vega machine test for this same thing when I was in my 20’s and the results mirrored many of those old results.
The bad news, I can’t do any dairy. Nothing. No yogurt, no milk, cream, goats’ milk, sheep’s milk or any cheeses. Super bummer!
I have one of the Celiac genes which makes me sensitive to gluten and wheat. I try to do only organic, non-GMO wheat, but I came back reacting to all gluten. UGH!
Then there were the surprises. We have done a lot of tomatoes in our garden and did spaghetti sauces and canning. So, of course, even though I never touch a commercial tomato, I can’t do tomatoes. UGH!

Then there were some surprises, green beans, and papaya. Admittedly, I love green beans but those are out! In fact, all regular beans were also out. No black beans, pinto beans, lima beans, navy beans, etc. You get the idea.
I love papaya with lime but that is also out. Avocados are out and every type and part of an egg.

Going on this trip, you can imagine that my options were limited at hotel breakfasts. Most breakfasts are bread, eggs, and dairy.
This pretty much limited me to corn flakes and my own almond milk from the grocery store that I dragged around with me.
Dinners were also complicated. So much is made with butter, wheat, cheese, and desserts are often make with the eggs, butter, and dairy. So, desserts were out.
I brought with me those Kind bars with the dark chocolate. They have no dairy in them, (thank the stars).
But food choices were limited.
Even Chinese food it tricky because soy sauce is made with wheat. So, I had to bring my own small packets of Terakihi sauce. And I tried to not be the difficult patron. I looked for things on the menu that might fit the bill.
But there were those moments that in Mexican food, I would ask for a Pulled Pork bowl with no sour cream, no cheese, no tomatoes, and no beans. What that leaves … is the pork, lettuce, cucumber, jalapenos, and that was about it.
Thai food was a bit easier because I could do all the curries and rice noodles.
But the truth was, the moment I started, I was feeling better and as time progressed, I was coughing less and less.
So, between the hiking and the diet changes, I lost 13 pounds in two weeks!
That is a good thing, so I am even more motivated to keep going.
These shifts in the astrology are big and I find that catching these powerful waves of change at the beginning might alleviate problems down the road.
I share all this with everyone because even when we think we are doing the right thing, and are eating organically, even from our own gardens, we occasionally have to make larger corrections. I am clearly on the road to a better eating lifestyle.
Much of this was not a surprise because of the testing when I was in my 20’s. At that time, I when vegan for 2 years and cleared up a lot of heath problems. I was vegetarian after that for another 8 to 10 years and that again, helped me balance out issues I was having at the time.
Now once again, my genetic weakness surface and I am called once again to make the necessary shifts.
And it is a good thing. I hope this can help others find the paths to health and well-being.

For information’s sake, the tests I did was the US BioTek Laboratories, 96 General Food Panel: IgG/IgG4 out of Shoreline Washington.  

~Suzanne Wagner~

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