January 29, 2024

Astrology for 1/30/2024

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Astrology for 1/30/2024

The Moon goes into Libra today, providing a new level of balance to our lives. We seek more cooperation and a fair way to implement some new things. The gift today is in our ability to adapt to what others might need from us and to be more accommodating.
There is a Sun/Neptune semisquare happening and that can make us feel as if we are more uncertain and this can make us unsure as to what we should be doing next. It can also make us feel more tired. If you need to … go take a nap. You will feel better for it.
Focus can be a problem and we might need to write things down for use later. This pattern is wonderful for those that want to dive into a fantasy novel or meditate. We can learn a lot from the introspective influence of these two planets.
Saturn will semi-square to Mercury, so expect either to say things in ways that might trigger others or in the end you might find that what you say and what others hear might not properly align. It might be best to write things down and the goals you expect from others. That way they have it to refer to later when there is a glitch.
Expect there to be some moments that are inconsistent and that can be downright irritating. Patience is the key to setting the course in a more direct line. Though others might have an opinion about what is the more proper course to take.
Pluto and Mars will parallel and that can counter act some of the focus problems for many. What is clear is that we do not want to be idle. Seems we have waited long enough, and we have no more time to wait. Action is favored above most anything else today.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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