February 9, 2024

Astrology for 2/10/2024

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Astrology for 2/10/2024

The Moon in Aquarius has opened our eyes in some amazing ways. As it heads into emotional Pisces this morning we are asked once again to go deeper. This is a very sensitive place for the Moon and as such remember that others are feeling things deeply and profoundly. We all can get triggered by our own past. We all can hear what our trigger is rather than the words being spoken. Today, try to hear what others are feeling and then try to sort out the trigger from the words. Then let it all go. There is no point hanging onto things. It is a waste of precious life force energy and not worth the toll it takes on the mind and heart.
Jupiter will square with Mercury as we are feeling antsy and wanting to get out and explore our beautiful world while we can. If the weather is conducive be sure to get out and feel the land, smell the fresh air, and give your soul some much needed earth time.
This aspect can have us make mountains out of mole hills. Remember to stick to the facts and to not overstate or not address another’s feelings. This moment can make undercurrents of anxiety and can make us doubt and then make things difficult because we are second guessing ourselves. Keep to the facts and make your approach practical and caring. Be careful to not take on too much. And do not waste energy on things of no consequence. Part of this drama today is from a square between Venus and Saturn. People want to be cool and guarded. Emotionally distancing themselves just to protect their own vulnerability. It is hard to feel the love and caring from others if we are troubled with internal conflicts that are not yet resolved.
The Sun will trine an asteroid Vesta today and that will help us ground back into truth. Focus on what really matters and move in that direction.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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