February 9, 2024

Numerology for 2/10/2024

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Numerology for 2/10/2024

2/10/2024 is the number 11

2 + 1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 11

The Number 11 wants us to find ways to reach beyond this current state of constriction and towards making a much better world. To do that we have to learn how to accept each other as we are and see past the facades and into the heart and soul of everything. All life has purpose and value. All life should be given a chance to thrive, a space to expand and grow, and the rights to have the landscapes that this form of life is built to understand and be a part of.
This is the number in which all life is constantly reaching to evolve and become something more. It is the way of life that adaptation comes from necessity. Life can become pinched into places that require it to either change or die.
Certain bacteria can live in an oceanic vent in the bottom of the ocean and thrive. Certain animals adapted to living on a small island and became smaller.
And humanity has learned to adapt and live in very extreme environments as well.
While we want stability, life is unpredictable.
Today, is one of those unpredictable days. Learn to roll with the huge waves calling for us to change and adapt.
When we learn to enjoy being thrown by the waves, we learn that change is not bad, but life requires us to constantly be aware. Life is filled with “sneaker waves” that will hit when we least expect them and when we are getting complacent and lazy.
Remember today to stay more awake and aware to what might be coming your way.

That way you will be ready and can enjoy the ride rather than be caught off guard.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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