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Astrology for 3/8/2024

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Astrology for 3/8/2024

The Moon finishes up in Aquarius and then this evening it goes into Pisces. Till then, we are looking to what the future is asking from us.
We want to lean into the possibilities, and we have incentive to believe that the impossible might be possible with a bit of work.
Mercury and Neptune come together, and it feels as if our left and right brain are attempting to work more in unison. This gives us a more relaxed feeling and hope springs forth.
This is a good day to share those precious thoughts we have for our future with others. It is fun to be more carefree with our potential and allow a bit of wildness to run. Our intuition seems to want to work with normal issues today and it can be very helpful.
We try to look past the old ways. We try to step around the old walls, and we try to maneuver around the obstacles that so many want to put on our path.
This is that moment when I like to remember that there is a part of my soul that can fly. If I allow myself to lighten the mood and remember my infinite self, I can remember the feelings that are the natural freedom that is my soul. Never let the actions or demands of others dictate our choices or options.
With Mercury semi-squaring to Jupiter, we can find that our unusual thoughts just might have more value than we realize. We are here to see the positive in life. That is the real challenge.
The negative is always so loud and so very clear. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the terrible people in this world and the terrible things that humanity does so unconsciously and with such detached rage. But we have to remember that there are very good people in the world and move towards only those that hold that goodness up and out to the world.
Today is not the day to feel as if you know the answers to the hard questions. You just have to do good things for others and those situations that call to your heart and soul.
Don’t worry about the bad people in the world for today. Just try to help those in need in your immediate surroundings.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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