April 2, 2024

Astrology for 4/3/2024

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Astrology for 4/3/2024

The Moon shifts out of determined Capricorn and into the forward-focused sign of Aquarius early this morning.
Venus and Neptune meet up and this influence adds a more gentle quality to our movements and actions. It helps us become more aware of what is possible and what others are feeling. We see past the upsets and take in the fact that beauty and spirituality walk hand in hand. The more we want to see the beauty in the world the more spiritual our mindset becomes. When we see beauty, not as a commodity to exploit, but as the way to walk in a more conscious way in peace on this planet, then we become wise and stable. Beauty surrounds us in this reality, but we forget that it is the doorway to our soul’s spiritual potential. Beauty inspires our heart and soul to share that same wonder with others in various ways. It allows our imagination to wander into new territories and discover great things. Because this aspect has such a strong pull to our highest and best selves, we do have to be careful to not let the seduction of it, pull us too far off course. It is wonderful to dream but it is not good to be so oblivious to how open we are that others might want to take advantage of us.
On a psychic and intuitive level we are noticing things that we had never seen before. It can be very exciting. Just remember to keep clear about the difference between allowing the dream to become a reality and an illusion pulling you off the cliff.
Mars and Uranus quintile and we want and long for change. We desire something different and slightly off the beaten path. We want to see things from new perspectives and allow more magic in.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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