November 30, 2023


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Aleister Crowley Tarot: Hermit, Art, Dominion, Futility
Words of Truth: Body, Authenticity, Forbearance, Vibration, Receiving
Mayan Oracle: Cimi, Oc, Universal Movement
Medicine Cards: Butterfly, Ant, Bat
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Four of Wands, Hierophant, Ten of Cups
Osho Zen Tarot: No-Thingness, Integration, Transformation
Healing Earth Tarot: Nine of Feathers, Ten of Wands, Two of Rainbows

The Butterfly reminds us that at any point we can change our minds. Butterfly is associated with the air element and that is a flowing quality that can shift quickly … when one is willing.
The problem is always about the ego getting in the way of any change.
Ego is a form of constricted fire. The seething quality of constricted fire is an indication that below certain beliefs and thoughts are parts of our psyche that want to be right, want to be validated, and want to believe in their own power to the point that they try to control the rage that is inside them and then direct it out to those that threaten those beliefs.
Ego is always about the desire and attachments to power, mixed with the fear of loss … of that attained power.
Ideas are supposed to evolve just like the stages of a butterfly. Ideas bring in new information and then are supposed to set us on a course to make decisions. That is when ideas need to be mapped out constructively, so that we can move in the direction of attaining certain desired outcomes. We hope to shape those desires into a reality. But that often takes a great deal of time.
The final stage of a butterfly is a birthing process. But that stage is a risk because any idea that begins is rarely the idea that emerges from the cocoon.
The birthing stage is always a bit of a surprise. Hopefully, it is also filled with wonder and delight.
This month is indicating (on many levels) that there is a great need for change at this time.
Perhaps the change feels so difficult that you have been avoiding the obvious. To evolve past one’s beliefs and ideals … requires great courage mixed with the wisdom to risk it all to discover the truth that we are inside.
Who we really are can be shockingly different from who we have been pretending to be. But this month, the cards remind us that those things that we think define us must be released completely to claim our authenticity.
That is why the Bat card is also so important. The Bat signifies that to gain true power, we must run the gauntlet of humility. If we have been holding ourselves in positions of superiority … life is now going to make us run a gauntlet that is going to show us that our quest for power is pointless if one does not operate from a place of authentic humility and compassion for others.

This Bat medicine shows that some have worked themselves into a corner with no way out. Notice if you are constantly defending yourself. That is an indication that you are very angry and that you are still in ego.
Too much ego causes rage and stagnation.
It eventually leads to terrible consequences.
If we are unwilling to drop our defenses and realize that it is our beliefs that are false and finally begin releasing them. We will notice that all the antagonism that we perceive externally will suddenly vanish.
Ant reminds us that we have to work together to make something that supports the greater good.
Ant reminds us that those who make greed a way of life will always prey on those holding disowned fear and those who feel less than them.
Those that promise a get-rich-quick scheme are looking for suckers to feed upon.
Impatience is a mind primed to make mistakes. Fear will make someone make a choice before they have all the answers. And that is never good.
The Nine of Feathers reminds us that all egos eventually die. They cannot move from this domain into the higher spiritual realms. That is why, in the transitions of death, we are required to release everything because only our authentic self and true love can be carried by the soul as we move from this domain into the next.
The Ten of Wands reminds us to breathe and to make choices to be around those that we feel safe around … so that we can breathe fully. This month, steer clear of those that make us feel tight and defensive. Make choices to cultivate those souls that support a more relaxed stance in a world that is shifting so rapidly that we are uncertain at many moments.
This Month, we are to focus on those who are our companions of destiny.
The cards indicate that we know what we need to do. It is up to us to finally find a way to do it.
Self-restraint is important in this month of excess. The more we recognize why we do the things we do, that do not support our highest self, we finally make a choice to be less passive and more active in taking responsibility for our life, our body, our emotions, and our choices.
Being human and being in a dualistic world, instantly is the conflict. We are here to merge that duality into something new, magical, and fascinating.
We are many facets of a complex puzzle trying to come together so that we can create a picture that we did not know was trying to burst out of our core. It is okay to be, at times strong and weak. It is perfect to feel the power inside and feel completely alone. It is okay to be the embodiment of a possibility and a dream while seeking to find a way to express the purity of your love. We are life and death. We are the integration of a new life coming out of a dream.
Let this month be a wonderful exploration into a new potential that is surfacing. Let it come out of the dark waters of the subconscious and let it leap into the sunlit air of hope.
You are wonderful in so many ways. Let others see that beauty, and while some may marvel at it from a distance, know that being the light that you are, and showing it out into the world inspires others also to try.
Maybe not now, but … someday.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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