September 30, 2023

Astrology for October 2023

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Astrology for October 2023

The solar eclipse in Libra is the big event this month. We move into the places of intensity that now get compounded with the moods, and the conflicts that seek some form of resolution.
The first big pull is on October 10th. Pluto finally stations and begins its direct motion after months of retrograde. We have been feeling intense for weeks and now our focus needs more clarity. Ambition takes over and with it comes new forms of power. Over the next few months, the changes that we were foretold earlier in the year, become possible. We find a new determination that is coming from a more direct place that has decided that enough is enough.
No more games. No more self-doubt. Situations were thrust upon us and now we claim our place to make the necessary decisions to have things move in our favor.
October 14th, the New Moon combines with the Solar Eclipse, and we know that all things will change. The conflicts come into crystal clear focus so that there can be no doubt.
Denial of truth will make some feel as if they are still in the dark. It is probably best to leave them there till they see the light.
Seems there is power in claiming our independence and knowing that this month … it is healthier to see with total clarity. Expect relationships to change with the coming of deep and profound insights and understanding.
When we no longer have expectations on others, we find that all the choices are in our hands. Now, we will have to decide what to do with those choices.
On October 28th, there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. That gives us permission to embrace our sensuality and claim those things that we desire. We see that this month has been about reclaiming ourselves and finding new ways to take care of our body, mind, and spirit. We finally understand that indecision is a toxin that tears away at our reserves and makes us vulnerable to the demands of others.
While we might feel as if there is an edge of stubbornness to our choices and actions, there is also something very freeing about it.
Besides … it is time.
The end of the month combines the energy of Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter with this eclipse. For some they may want to leap before they look.
That would be ill-advised.
As this is the final eclipse in the Taurus/Scorpio axis it adds push and power to those areas in your personal chart that it impacts. Take notice of where you are being nudged and know that those feelings of discontent are there for a reason.
It forces conversations and requires a new balance, otherwise it will cause us to make a big move and come to conclusions that needs to be tempered with timing and wisdom.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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